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You have a property that requires land clearing services in Decaturville, TN. Turn to Land Maintenance, LLC, for service. We have a wealth of experience, as well as all of the right equipment to do the job. We’re proud to provide services for commercial and residential properties.

Our owner, Nathan Savell, has more than 20 years of experience in the business. As a fourth-generation landowner, he uses his knowledge of forestry and land management to run a business that provides the services you need to develop, build, or safeguard your land.
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Care for Your Land with Mulching Services 

Forestry mulching services are necessary for the health, safety, and value of your land. When we send our crew in, we get rid of unwanted trees and vegetation by shredding them into mulch. This is actually good for the land as it thins overcrowded trees and reduces competition for sun, soil, and space. With mulching, the topsoil remains in place, so there is no erosion. And, this method avoids the need for burning debris, which introduces the risk of fire onto the property.

There are a number of reasons why landowners need mulching. By removing excess growth, you open up space for the healthy growth of new and existing vegetation. Plus, the mulch feeds the soil, adding nutrients for new growth. Mulching also reduces the threat of fire and creates a space where walking in the woods is possible. This is an effective type of land maintenance that gets the property ready for development. The work we do puts your property’s future in your hands, clearing the way for more effective and efficient land use.

Getting Your Land Ready for Development

Let us help you get your land ready for development with commercial site prep. This involves clearing the property of trees and vegetation that stand in the way of the building and grounds. Our clearing process involves careful, strategic planning that prioritizes worksite safety while efficiently working through even the thickest vegetation.

Of course, preparing the site involves more than just removing trees. Land clearing is only one step; another is testing the soil. It’s tested to see if it is strong enough for building upon. If not, ingredients can be added to stabilize or condition the soil. Surveys, boundary marking, and excavation are some of the other tasks that get a site ready for construction. Perhaps houses, a school, or a hospital will be built on the land that is cleared. Depending on the land use and building plans, it may be possible to keep many of the trees. However, some need to be cleared to make space for the new construction.

From faster completion to more thorough results, we provide premium services that are centered on your success. When it comes to commercial land clearing, our equipment and experts make all the difference.

The Equipment We Use for Clearing and Mulching

Choose the land clearing professionals near you with both the right equipment and the knowhow to use them effectively. Our equipment is specialized for small land clearing jobs and large-scale cutting, shredding, and stump grinding. No matter what the situation, we deliver exceptional results by utilizing the proper application of technology, training, and attention to detail with our effective solutions for managing land.

Preserving Your Land

Though it’s often thought of as destructive, land clearing is as much about preserving your property as it is getting rid of unwanted plant life. By keeping away trees and brush that conceal your land’s full value, we give you the foundation you need to raise and maintain its worth. When you can choose the outdoor features you want to cultivate, you can craft an environment that’s naturally beautiful and designed precisely for your use.

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